Previous Trips

Previous Alternative Break Experiences (2013-17)

Office: Campus Living

Urban Poverty
Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Volunteers worked in the Atlanta metro area to do service projects that benefited lower income areas. This trip afforded students the opportunity to see firsthand the poverty in urban settings and the efforts that are being made to assist people in need. This group completed a different service project each day to provide a better sense of what is needed in an urban setting.


Habitat for Humanity
Location: Sumter-Lake, Eustis, Florida

Volunteers built homes for low income families. These families worked alongside volunteers to accomplish the dream of owning a home. Students worked with tools, paint, helped move items into the home and had the opportunity to see the varied stages of the home being built.


Office: Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement

Poverty and Healthcare
Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Volunteers learned about poverty and healthcare in an urban setting, while asking students to think about different types of service (indirect, direct, and advocacy).


Environmental Justice, Sustainability, and Economic Impact
Location: Atlantic Beach (Carteret County), North Carolina

Volunteers served and learned with the North Carolina Coastal Federation, Camp Albermarle, and a few other community organizations. Service consisted of environmental work, including oyster habitation restoration, clean up and other project maintenance.


A Staycation in Our Community – Poverty and Youth
Location: Greenville, NC

Volunteers focused on service and regional transformation through learning and service. Service ranged from working with local youth centers, Campus Kitchen partners, and other local shelters.


Office: Campus Recreation and Wellness

Adventure Programs
Location: Florida

“The most pristine and undeveloped river systems in the United States” is how National Geographic describes this river in north Florida. A slow and lazy current moves your canoe downstream, as huge cypress trees tower over head and “Live Oak” trees covered in Spanish Moss line the banks. The Suwannee River twists and turns as it makes its way 170+ miles to the Gulf of Mexico and you’ll get to paddle a small part (~50 miles over 5 days) of this rather famous river.


Office: Center for Student Leadership and Engagement

Location: Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA

Description: This program encouraged students to become critical and creative thinkers, understand values based leadership, and to explore how civic engagement can positively contribute to a better work environment.  This program allowed for leadership learning to happen outside of the borders of East Carolina University, aiding students in their understanding of how to enact positive change in a variety of ways. Students traveled to Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA learning about the various dynamics of leadership that exist within a city.